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Gertrude Bernice (Trudi) McCoy was born 14 Dec 1926 in Empire, Ca. to Willie Marie Northup and William Caswell McCoy. She was married in the Church of Christ at 215 La Loma Ave in Modesto, Ca. on 11 Jan 1951 to Robert Charles Padgett. He was born 21 December 1929 in San Diego, Ca. His parents were Alvin Lee Padgett and Margaret Jean Killingsworth. They had 3 children.

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Gertrude Bernice McCoy and Robert Charles Padgett Family

Children of Trudi McCoy and Robert Charles Padgett

Gregory Steven Padgett Born 08 January 1952 in Tracy, Ca. M. 1.) 12 Feb 1971 to Linda Welzbacker in Tulare, Ca.
M. 2.) 17 August 1990 to Cynthia Sayre in Tulare, Ca.
Douglas Charles Padgett B. 29 October 1954 In Modesto, Ca. M. December 29, 1973 in Tulare, CA to Cynthia Diane BROOKEY (b: May 12, 1955)
Carolyn Bernice Padgett B. 22 February 1957 M. 26 December 1976 in Hanford, Ca. to Michael Thomas Wiley